November 14, 2009

I and many other local artists were asked to paint a bird to help the birds (with the help of the Portland Audubon Society).  This is the painting I made for the upcoming 6x6 Wild Art Project, "scrub jay". I love painting these noisy, greedy birds of blue and gray. It will be up for auction next weekend at the Wild Arts Festival, November 21 & 22. 

When I went to the festival last year, there was a woman with a great horned owl on her arm, on display. Staring into its deep, glassy, scheming eyes – that alone was worth the trip.

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  1. Beautiful! Let me know if you venture into Stellar's Jay territory.

    Also, when we went to the Oregon Zoo for Margaret's birthday, we met a zookeeper who had a spotted owl on her arm. The bird was blind in one eye - hence her zoological residence - and was named Rosita. I wanted to go all Florence Nightingale and take Rosita home in my pocket.