October 2, 2009

I recently designed two notebook covers for Engrave Your Book! Right now, the first TEN ORDERS receive a discount! Enter the code: 25ar1001lksjfsl to receive 25% off your purchase. Not too shabby! These covers are laser engraved onto all natural vegetable tanned leather and handmade right here in Portland, OR. These covers will last FOREVER, and will gather a lovely patina over time... like an old overstuffed leather chair in a gentlemen's club. And, you can refill it again and again with your favorite Moleskin notebooks. Did I mention how good they smell...? So very nice. Be one of the first ten to receive this very generous discount!


  1. hey Amy - did they approach you to do this? do you get a cut off the top from sales? just curious... wondering if this is a possibility for all artists... : )

  2. Hi Vincent! They take submissions: http://www.engraveyourbook.com/pages/submit