January 27, 2010

Cheese Bar! Simplicity is key. I'm making logos for the new Cheese Bar that will soon grace our presence roundabout SE 60th and Belmont. Run by my pal Steve Jones (of Steve's Cheese fame) and my newest pal Beachum. The best part: I'm getting partially paid in cheese and beer. Trade rules! The logos/sign are based le ol' charming Tabac signs of France. Can you picture the one below with neon (where the white striping is) and surrounded by little round white and yellow flashing bulbs? Me too.


  1. I love these! Before I became a farmgirl I was a graphic designer, mostly for the restaurant industry - and with delicious reason. ;)

  2. Oh yes - doing work for bars and restaurant has its perks (meaning, I LOVE working for trade with these folks! ;)