September 22, 2009

Hello everyone! It is I, @my! I have been away from the bloggin' scene for a spell... but now that I have a new web site, I felt it was time I got back into the swing of things. This blog will focus on my artwork, shows, projects, etc. Every once in a while I'll throw in some pictures from my personal life or something... in case you find that at all interesting. My cat seems to think it is... But she also eats about 10 moths a night and really only follows me about the house in hopes of the occasional non-moth snack. So, go figure.

What's up with the red scarf/ghost title? Well, that stems from a long ago car ride when I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I saw a string of lights on someone's front porch. From my ultra powerful squintvision, the string of lights looked like ghosts... but then I thought, "No... you don't put a red scarf on a ghost." Or at least I thought I "thought" it. I actually said it out loud, much to the confusion of my car mates. They then said "They were snowmen." And, "Where are your glasses?"

The moral is: I am always, always observing and cataloging everything I see, interpreting it and putting it away for future drawing fodder. So lo and behold... there it be, as the subject of my new blog header... I try.

Anyway, it's good to be back! Have a good one everybody!


  1. Yay @my...Good to have you back!!! Can't wait for more of your keen observations!

  2. love your title!
    I never wear my glasses and sometimes my designs come from thinking someone was wearing something way different then what they were actually wearing.
    I really thought I was the only one.